A financier is a small cake made with a nut flour, sugar, butter and eggwhites.

Normally baked in small rectangular mold, those cakes can be made with almond, hazelnuts, pistacchios, walnut, etc. I traditionally modified the recipes for gluten free flour, but can be make with wheat flour.

I like them with tea or after lunch with my espresso.

Eggwhites (EW)
180g (4)
weigh the eggwhite and adapt all other ingredient in consequence
Caster sugar
80% EW, use different sugars or sweetener according to taste and count honey as a sweetener
can be replaced by sugar, but honey is an inverted sugar and keep cakes soft and make them last longer
Baking Powder
Other raising powder can be used or omitted (beat to fluffy half of the EW). Baking soda can be used, but no waiting time (see below)
36g cornstarch and 36g rice flour for Gluten Free version
Nut flour
Whole peeled hazelnuts for me. Could be almonds, pistachios, walnuts,..
Replace with vegetable oil for lactose free (olive, canola, sunflower, peanut, coco). Match the oil to your nuts for taste
Nuts for decoration
This is optional, but will add to the experience. A crunchy nut on top, toasted during baking is just bliss. Whole peeled hazelnuts, slightly mashed in a plastic bag for me


duration: 10min

Melt butter

Melt butter and let it cook until "noisette", when particles start deposit in the bottom of the pan, before it turn black and transfer to a bowl to cool down. Add honey if using.

duration: 10min

duration: 10min+30min for cooling

Prepare nuts

Most of the nuts benefit from being roasted first (150°C, 7min on a rack in the oven) and cooled down (very important) before transforming to powder with the mixer

duration: 5min

Mix dry elements

Mix with a spoon or robot with the leaf all the flours, nuts, sugar, salt, baking powder.

duration: 5min

duration: 10min +ca. 24h for resting

Prepare the dow

Add the eggwhites to the dry elements, than the cooled butter with honey slightly dissolved while the robot is still turning.
Transfer to a pastry bag and put in the fridge 24h, except if using baking soda, the dow should be used immediatly

duration: 10min + 12min baking + 30min for cooling


Fill the mold at 2/3 piping the dow. Cover with nuts each to your liking.
Bake at 200°C for 12min.
Cool down and unmold, ready to be voraciously eaten

duration: 10min + 12min baking + 30min for cooling

My favourite recipes described here can be adapted, tweaked and modified with infinite variants, have fun..
Placing the nuts take time but is worth the work