Cauliflower in risotto or cauliflower risotto does not contain rice! A great way to eat this little-loved vegetable.

A simple recipe, it's all about the quality of the cooking liquid - if you use anything in a cube, I'll come and kick your ass!

Simple, quick and delicious. An appetiser or here with duck meatballs, a complete dish.
Coarsely grated, count 1/4 per person as a starter, 1/2 as a main course.
preferably yellow or from Tropea (red onion that becomes transparent when cooked, do not use red onion)
Duck stock
For the quantity, "qb"=quanto basta, as much as it takes. ca. 1L for 1/2 cabbage.

A stock made with a duck carcass is the best, chicken is OK, as is a vegetable broth, but the former is the best.
Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano, freshly grated


duration: 5min

Grate the cauliflower

Use a large grater, such as for Roesti

duration: 5min

duration: 5min

Onion sauté

Cook the onions gently without browning in a little oil. 

duration: 2min

Add the cauliflower

and sauté for a couple of minutes.

duration: 2min

duration: ca. 5min

Add white wine

Cook dry before adding stock

duration: 15min

Add stock and cook

Add the broth, in ladles, and cook almost dry between each ladle. It takes about 5 minutes between ladles of broth, put in the same amount of liquid as raw cauliflower.

duration: 15min

duration: 5min


Off the heat, stir in the cheese gently.

You can also add butter, no olive oil here.
Serve with a teaspoon of old Balsamic and a good pepper, it is an excellent starter.

Here served with minced duck meatballs, shallots, breadcrumbs (SG), salt and pepper and just sautéed.