Porchettato is a method to pack and cook a deboned meat such as rabbit or chicken, seasoned with traditional center italy seasoning. My interpretation might differs from tradition, but guarantied success!

Few ingredients, can be done in advanced and served cold or warm. A touch of italian virgin olive oil on top, that's it

Chicken or Rabbit
Buy deboned or do it yourself. Do a broth with the bones and use it with a risotto.
Lardo di colonnata
15 slices
not too thin. Can be substituted with Guanciale, pancetta. Beacon would do, but get a good one. Smoked beacon will change profondly the  recipe but could be adapted, change the seasoning. 
Lardo, guanciale and pancetta are dried and cured fat packed with lots of flavors from herbs and spiced and should be preferred.
Garlic, Rosmary, hot pepper, finocchietto, salt, pepper
You can vary, add citrus zest (lemon, orange,..) use other herbes (Maggiorana, thym, mint, parsley, santoreggia,..). 
You will find "qb" quite often. It means "quanto basta" in italian. Put as you feel like, be generous.


duration: 10min

Debone your meat

Here the result for both chicken and rabbit, you can find numerous videos on the internet, buy it already deboned or ask your butcher.

duration: 10min

duration: 10min+30min for cooling

Lay down the wrapping

On a parchment paper, lay down your wrapping fat. Then lay down the meat.

duration: 5min

Season the meat

Mince the seasoning together and season the whole meat uniformly. 

duration: 5min

duration: 10min +ca. 24h for resting

Roll into a cylinder, pack with paper

Roll the whole with the help of the paper, making sur to do a tight cylinder.

duration: 10min + 12min baking + 30min for cooling

Roll and tie

Roll the meat in parchment paper and tie with wire

duration: 10min + 12min baking + 30min for cooling


The cooking is 1h at 130°C, quite a low temperature and then 15min at 200°C. Leave it wrapped outside the oven for at least 15-20min before opening and serving.
Goes with roasted potatoes and a green salad
I've done with with both chicken and rabbit, both are delicious. If the meat is too dry, reduce the oven temperature next time.