The soufflé is a hot dessert made with a custard and eggwhites more or less.

The choice of flavours is infinite: vanilla, chocolate, alcohol, orange, hazelnut, cinnamon,...

The custard is made in advance and can be kept in a cool place. For vanilla, one day in advance let the flavor develop.

The base here is for 12 small moulds, 2 medium or one large one.
Separate yolk and whites (1/3 and 2/3 of the weight respectively)
vary sugar with recipes (brown, raw, honey, maple syrup,..)
40g Cornstarch, 40g rice flour for a Gluten free for me
Baking Powder
1/3 sp
can be omitted or replaced with baking soda
rice milk for a lactose free
Can be substituted with milk. I used a lactose free 30% fat cream
Can be omitted, replaced and dosed differently. The italian would dose "qb" or "quanto basta" that can be translated with "enough", pretty loose definition no?


duration: 5min + 30min to stand

Infused milk

Heat milk. If using a vanilla pod, cut it in two, scrape the pods and put the vanilla caviar and pods in milk. Do not boil the milk, once just below boiling, set aside and leave covered 30min for the vanilla to infuse. (I used my home made instant vanilla extract instead). For other variant where the flavor can be infused in the milk (cinnamon, lemon peal,..) to so

duration: 5min + 30min to stand

duration: 15min + 60min for cooling


Mix egg yolks with sugar with a wooden spoon. Add flour and baking powder if using. add a pinch of salt.

Remove the vanilla pods from milk and mix  with the eggs mixture.

Heat gently while mixing with the whisk, maintain 2-3min at this point to thicken the custard, the flour will prevent the eggs to cook. Add the melted chocolate (double boiler, microwave). Let stand 60s, then mix together with the whisk. Add the Armagnac if using. Set aside, refrigerate once cooled down.

duration: 5min

Soufflé molds

Butter the soufflé molds and cover with sugar. If using silicone stamp this step can be avoided

duration: 5min

duration: 20min

Last preparation before baking

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C
Beat the eggwhites until frotty, add a spoon of sugar to firm them.
Mix with the temperate custard (not from the fridge). First a third fast to soften the custard, then the rest with a spatula without braking the whites.
Fill the molds to 3/4, clean up the edge to allow to raise uniformely

duration: 10min


Bake at 200°C for 7min.
Serve at once, your guest have to wait the soufflé, not the other way around.

Freeze them unbaked if not using, you can add a 2-3min to baking

duration: 10min

Ladies' favourite, got me praised and requested regularly